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Leadership Development Events


Leadership Development Events 
Updated November 16, 2016

When:           Wednesday , November 16, 2016


Where:            Blanco High School , TX


Time:              7:15 am         Registration Begins (Ag Issues Portfolios and Job 

                                                 Interview materials turned in)

                         7:15 am         LDE Judges Meeting


                         7:30 am         Welcome from the Area VII FFA Officers

                                                Job Interview Event Begins


                        8:00 am         Leadership Development Events Begin (See the

                                                following schedule for competition times)


                        10:00 am       Jr. and Sr. Quiz Leadership Development Events Begin


                       2:00 pm         Awards Presentation Begins (announce results as they are made available)


Please have your teams / contestant to the designated area at least 30 minutes prior to competition.


**NOTE: The Area Leadership Development Events will follow the rules and guidelines of the 2016 Texas FFA Leadership Development Events Rules.** (



All Job Interview contestants will report to contest room at 7:30 am.  All contestants will fill out the application beginning at 7:40 am and the application will be collected from contestants at 7:50 am.  Contestants will then follow the rotation below for the phone interview, personal interview, and follow up letter.  All job interview materials must be turned in by 7:15 am to the registration site.

Following last Job Interview contestant, judges will have a lunch break and afterwards complete the final tabulations for the contest.

Jr and Sr Quiz

Junior and Senior Quiz Leadership Development Events will begin at 10:00 am.


Scantrons will be provided for the Jr. and Sr. Quiz contestants.  Jr. and Sr. Quiz contests will begin at 10:00 am.


We will be using the Ag Sales/Farm Bus/Ag Mech #105481 scan sheet if you want to bring your own and have the team number bubbled already.  


If not make sure your students know their team/School number.


Ag Issues


You may begin turning in your Ag Issues Portfolios starting at 7:00 am, after 7:30 am they need to be turned into the judges at the performance room at least 2 teams before you compete.  You will need to submit 5 copies of portfolio.



 We are using the same judges for Jr. and Sr. Creed.  We will run Jr. Creed first and then Sr. Creed.  The judges will usually skip ahead to the next speaker if you are not there and ready and the next speaker is ready.  So please be at the presentation room early and keep an eye on the order.  


Please download the most up-to-date schedule for the Area LDE below.

 For Meal Registration (you may have to login to first) - Click Here


2016 LDE District Rotation Order Area VII FFA Association Admin 11/11/2016 18 KB
Map of Blanco Area VII FFA Association Admin 11/9/2012 70 KB
Map to Sr Skills Area VII FFA Association Admin 11/9/2012 6 KB
Contest Room Map Area VII FFA Association Admin 11/15/2016 165 KB



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