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The following link will take you to a website where you can review previously posted comments on the different plans that the Area District Alignment Committee had developed.  The final plan that will be voted upon at the 2017 Ag Teachers Conference by the teachers of Area 7 is posted here on the Area Web page not the Blog site.

If you will click on the link below it will take you to an updated pdf version of the New Area 7 Districts Alignment that was approved this past Saturday at the Area Convention.  This map will be sent to the Texas FFA Board of Directors for final approval at their June 2017 Board meeting.

   5/22/2017  2:08:35 PM


2018 New Area 7 Districts Area VII FFA Association Admin 5/22/2017 263 KB
Current Area 7 District Maps Area VII FFA Association Admin 5/1/2017 406 KB
District Funding Distribution Formula Area VII FFA Association Admin 9/19/2014 12 KB
Area VII National Convention Voting Delegate Selection Policy Area VII FFA Association Admin 9/19/2014 13 KB



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