Area VII Association
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Revaldina District Officers

President, Emma Mueller, Medina Valley

Vice President, Molly McElroy, Hondo

Secretary, Brighton Beard, D'Hanis

Treasurer, Delaney Fulcher, Sabinal

Reporter, Audrey Longoria, Devine

Sentinel, Harper Parson, Devine

ATAT District Officers

Kyla Williamson, President
Medina Valley High School
(210) 797-1633

Chad Saunders, Vice President
Devine High School
(512) 718-1338

Hannah Powell, Secretary
Bandera High School
(830) 285-2885

Bryson Dalrymple, Treasurer
Utopia High School

(830) 591-2960

Wed 9/15 Revaldina District Greenhand Leadership Camp & Fall Meeting at Utopia High School

5pm greenhand camp begins and students will receive pizza and bottled water upon arrival

5:30pm teacher meeting 

6:30pm camp ends

Thurs 10/14 Area 7 Fall CDE Contest

Be sure to register fall CDE teams at the district level as well as the area level at this link.

Wed 11/10 Revaldina District LDE Contest at Hondo High School

4pm job interview application begins (will submit other job interview materials to judges ahead of time for pre-scores) 

4pm all quiz contestants compete (Mr. Dalrymple proctors quiz) 

4:30pm remaining contests begin 

Mon 4/25 Revaldina District Banquet at Sabinal High School

Please bring 3 copies of your speeches and statements of originality if required, 1 copy of talent lyrics, and 1 copy of district officer applications.

11:30am public speaking judges arrive

12pm officer candidates start test, current officers arrive, and public speaking contests begin (Ms. Williamson proctors election process and Mr. Hux proctors speaking contest)

1pm district officer interview judges arrive

4pm to 5pm talent rehearsal (no voting delegates permitted to watch and please bring a copy of your lyrics to submit to Mr. Beard for approval)

5:30pm banquet begins (Mr. Clarke assists with balloting)

Incoming district officers stay after banquet to assist with clean-up, have a quick meeting, and sign their contracts.

District Teacher Contacts

Bonnie Powell <>
Adrianna Segura <>
Allan Cranfill <>
Bryson Dalrymple <>
Chad Saunders <>
Charles Black <>
Cody Peterson <>
Dalton Zipp <>
David Edwards <>
Eric Davis <>
Hannah Powell <>

Kyla Williamson <>
Meghan Woodall <>

Michael Hunter <>
Michele Rumfield <>
Patrick Clarke <>
Robin Wheelus <>
Rodger Welch <>
Shelby Miller <>
Sloan Rowland <>
Sophie Hayhurst <>
Tim Tatsch <>
Warren Beard <>
Wayne Hux <>



Meeting Minutes 7/31/18 Area VII FFA Association Admin 8/13/2018 8 KB
Meeting Minutes 9/12/18 Area VII FFA Association Admin 9/13/2018 13 KB
Revaldina District Constitution 10/21/2020 Area VII FFA Association Admin 10/26/2020 139 KB
Meeting Minutes 10/21/20 Area VII FFA Association Admin 10/26/2020 57 KB
2021 Revaldina Conference Sign Up Sheet Area VII FFA Association Admin 7/30/2021 63 KB



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