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Area Leadership Camp

Area Leadership Camp 2021 
6/29/21 - 7/1/21 
Eagle's Wing Retreat Center    Burnet, TX 

Applications for ALC 2021 are up!

- Tuesday June 29, 2021 - Drop off students between 8 am - 10 am - Thursday July 1, 2021 - Pick up students between 10 am - 11 am
Area Officers will report to camp grounds on Monday June 28th - details to be determined at a later time.  

- The Area VII FFA Association will still enforce masks, social distancing, and sanitation practices during ALC in accordance with the Governor's Health Recommendations for All Youth Clubs & Organizations as well as the guidelines for Eagle’s Wing Retreat Center. 

- Every student needs to have the Area 7 Camp Application Form completed with all signatures and are due at the Area 7 Convention by noon

- If you are wanting to volunteer as a camp advisor, please bring the Adult Liability Form to Area 7 Convention and submit your name on the chapter page of the form.  I am limited on number of adult volunteers that can be accepted and will be in contact with you if chosen via email. 


If you have any questions please contact Lauren Henderson at or at 210-789-6539.


Area VII FFA Camp Application 2021 Area VII FFA Association Admin 4/29/2021 192 KB
What to bring to camp 2021 Area VII FFA Association Admin 4/29/2021 90 KB
Adult Medical Liability Form EWRC Area VII FFA Association Admin 2/19/2020 27 KB



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