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Degree Check Info

Not Updated for 2024


April 5                       Area VII Scholarship Deadline

April 10-14               Area check for errors

May 3-5                    Area Scoring   (Both dates are listed – which is correct?)

May 8                        State Submission Deadline

May 15                      Ryan Mott and John Justin Deadline

May 18-20                State Scoring Process



May 10                     Lone-Star Degree Deadline (Must be submitted to AET)

May 11-14               Lone-Stars will be checked by Area Committee

May 21                     Lone-star corrections deadline – must be resubmitted to AET



May 1                       Deadline for American FFA –Final day for corrections

May 12                     Stars must be submitted to AET

May 15                     Proficiency applications must be submitted to AET

May 20                     Area VII Star winner must be submitted to Dennis

May 25                     All awards must be submitted by Dennis to Tammy.



May 12                     Area VII Speaking Contest

May 12                     Area VII Officer Selection Process Begins

May 13                     Area VII Convention


John Justin is due at your District Check – District winner advances to Area.


Registration will be open soon for Area Courtesy Corp. at the Area Convention.


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2022 State Degree Check Schedule Felice Marek 5/5/2022 186 KB
Star Committee Assignments Felice Marek 5/9/2022 15 KB
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