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Degree Check Info

Important Dates


May 11 Lone Stars must be submitted

May 12-15 Lone Stars will be checked

May 20 Lone Star corrections must be completed


May 13 Stars must be submitted

May 15-19   Star judging - on-line (No interviews)

May 20 Star Winner names must be submitted to Dennis


May 20 Proficiencies must be submitted

May 21-24 Proficiencies scored on-line


The following must be submitted by May 20th  (They will not be checked on the Area Level - straight to State

John Justin application-FFA Roster
Ryan Mott Scholarship- FFA Roster
Golden Horizon Application- Roster
Chapter Awards submitted to AET
Honorary Non-Teacher- Texas FFA Web
Honorary Degree- Teacher – Texas FFA Web
Sale Guide FFA Scholarship- FFA Roster


Submission Link for Awards and Degrees




2022 State Degree Check Schedule Felice Marek 5/5/2022 186 KB
Star Committee Assignments Felice Marek 5/9/2022 15 KB
2022 State Degree Check Info Felice Marek 5/12/2022 385 KB
2022 State Degree Check Committee Assignments Felice Marek 5/15/2022 76 KB



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